Mineski vs Pacific.Emmaxx

The best thing here is to learn some important strategies from Mineski and Pacific.Emmaxx. Notice how they use their special powers to make the kill. Some people don’t like Mineski and called him a garbage. But some fight for him. So who is your favorite? Let’s hear from you! Put your comment below!!!

Nerubian Assassin Anub’arak

Once a great champion of the Nerubians, Anub’Arak has fell into the Second War of the the Spider. He was resurrected by the Lich King Ner’zhul, who grants him the gift of eternal life as an exchange of his undying service and loyality to the Scourge. At the times of trouble he can shoots his […]

Phantom Assassin Mortred

Phantom Assassin Mortred From the reclusive Order of the Night Elves called the Wardens where Mortred was born. She was shunned by the mainstream Night Elf society, Mortred join the alliance of the Scourge to take revenge. A skill that trained alone and spent her years at the forest of Ashenvale, she is a perfect […]

Geomancer Meepo

Geomancer Meepo From the Pagan tribes of the Germanian and the black forests that encompassed it which they worshipped comes Meepo, a playful spirit of the earth who have fun in burying his enemies alive in the mountatin of rock swpikes, giving them a no mercy act as he pummel them into the submission of […]

Lightning Revenant Razor

Lightning Revenant Razor An incarnate of the Lightning, Razor is a living being, and capable of realising the tremendous power of electricity to any living creature neary by. He can control this element and its surges, that would strike any creature that he consider as enemy. Like the namesake razor cuts to the bone, with […]

Gorgon Medusa

Gorgon Medusa A prisoner of the underwater, Nazjatar and an insidious being that dwells in there, the Gorgon, this creature is unwittlingly release her freedom during the war between King Arthars’s Scourge and the Naga on the Icy shores of Northrend. Plagued by the undeath in the aftermate, the Gorgon received the gift of immortality. […]

Faceless Void Darkterror

Faceless Void Darkterror Once a human in form but his life was shrouded in the hands of darkness. It was believe that the faceless void once thrown in to the void between the worlds and can manipulate and emerged the power of time. He can freeze his enemies in time and can avoid the their […]

Bone Fletcher Clinkz

Bone Fletcher Clinkz From the clan of the greatest Elven Archer which was fallen because of the war. A fire that kindles eternally its visage, Clinkz proves to others that his undeath is a mere genesis. He never ever give up in seeking perfection in the arts of fletching and never hesistate to sacrifice her […]

Black Arachnia Brood Mother

Black Aracnia¬† Brood Mother Feared by the hearts of those she ruled and once a Queen of the Nerubians she has failed in falling in love with the renegade assassin Anub’Arak, and now gone from her own kingdom. Now with Anub’Arak, she accompanied her true love in the battle of the Ancient, giving birth to […]

Oblivion Pugna

Oblivion¬† Pugna Dead for many years but forcefully raised from the dead, having a little memory from his past, Pugna can never behold in an enemy’s sight, truly a terrible warrior of the Scourge. Retaining traces of necromantic magic, Pugna with a shamble of bones finding a certain feeling of happiness seeing his enemies sending […]