WoWBoost is a brand new World of Warcraft video training site that teaches beginning and intermediate players to become better at WoW.

World of Warcraft VideosThis is a membership site full of 17+ hours of in game videos that show how to play WoW. Members will have access to videos that show how to play all WoW classes and specs. It will become the new wave in WoW training for players as it grows in the coming months. It uses videos to help convey to the player exactly what they are trying to say.

This will be a site that everyone will want to sign up for and use to perfect their game. It covers all 10 classes and 30 plus specializations to help you with everything in your game.

WoWBoost covers all classes in world of warcraft including:

• Death Knight (blood, frost, and unholy)
• Druid (balance, feral bear, feral cat, restoration)
• Hunter (Beast Hunter, Marksmanship, and Survival)
• Mage (frost, Arcane and Fire)
• Paladin (holy, protection, and retribution)
• Priest (Discipline, holy priest, and shadow
• Rogue ( assassination, combat, and subtlety)
• Shaman ( elemental, enhancement, and restoration)
• Warlock ( affliction, demonology, and destruction)
• Warrior ( arms, fury and protection)

In addition, WoWBoost covers tips for beginners as well as tips for each spec for all the WoW characters. This is one of the most comprehensive WoW training websites. In fact, there are a total of 17+ hours of video training not to mention more videos will be created and updated in the future.

WoWBoost is created by a team of world of warcraft players who have a passion and expertise for the game. While most WoW ‘how to’ products tend to be eBooks, WoWBoost is unique because it teaches players with videos. They are also in-game video tutorials meaning that you can watch and learn how to play from real life WoW experts and players.

WoWBoost is a breakthrough product in the WoW community. WoWBoost has a strong team of experts and has a goal of keeping up-to-date with the newest tips and secrets to help you become the best WoW player you can be.

Check out WoWBoost here.